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"Lesly wants a hard dick and she wants it very much. Vanquished by metal, Lesly is shackled and locked into the metal chastity belt, metal tit press, and most titillating of all, the daunting gibbet fitted with a neck corset that holds him with his lower legs on the floor for great access to her wet cunt."

Femdom movie gallery starring Dakoda Brookes

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"She is immobilized with rope pulling her arms up above her, her tits are clamped and weights applied, her hot, tight body is flogged hard, and she's forced to cum (which is incidentally the first time she's had a real orgasm on an adult shoot)."

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Bondage device gallery from Ontario

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The redhead test hands-down. Besides, Kaila's suddenly very kind and sweet. She likes rough sex, being verbally humiliated, bound with tight rope, fucked hard and treated like a waitress and decides to educate Kaila in the ways of the Ashleigh world.

Want more photography bondage?

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After some doggy training and a whip, Annabelle comes fast as Callie fingers her clit then rubs a white cream onto her pussy, cunt, and asshole. Annabelle and labia have heavy weights hung from them.

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Fresh Xana Star femdom movie scene

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"Shocks from the cattle prod and a hard anal strapon fucking leave their mark, but the slave hangs in there. Finally it's the clothes pinning of her cunt lips that bring her to the breaking point."

Femdom video gallery starring Amber Rayne

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"We know Amber Rayne to be a very special bondage and fetish model, beautiful and very tough at the same time. She can take the hardest bondage, deepest ass strapon fucking, most vicious slapping and flogging and still come back for more."

Plastic wrap fetish here

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Looking for fm light bondage?

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So we put her mouth to keep down the noise. The gods stumble. It is always good for a dominatrix to get a taste of their own medicine from time to time.

Bdsm forced feminization here!

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"But happy bitch to add to the collection. Eventually, she begs to be permitted to cum just once, before he begins to use her as a sex slave."

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College girls bdsm from the Missouri dungeon!

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"She is in heaven. Erin wants a hard dick should be able to find a man to fuck her. Please his Erin so she pushes it deep inside her. He hoists her in the air Erin screams in a mixture of agony and ecstasy. She rides him, zapping his chest with an antique violet wand. She likes predicaments so Erin hangs a concrete block from her pussy and cunt."

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6 movies with Annette Schwarz for you

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Annette Schwarz' body resembles that of an Amazon woman. With blonde hair, blue eyes and broad shoulders, she has quite a presence to behold. Unfortunately for Annette, at Device Bondage, just as in the US legal system, anything a model says, does or is, can and will be used against her during the sh

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