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Kristine Anderson is a piss poor student. But this study camp is nothing like what she had anticipated and Sister Dee is nothing like the sisters she is used to dealing with. SD quizzes her on Spelling, Math and Geography, all of which Kristine fails at miserably. Every shock is meant to jog her memory while they make her scream, but there is just no way to remember something you never knew in the first place.

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Claire Dames has suffered through several intense shoots over the past few weeks. Although I'm usually selfish and unwilling to share my toys, I make exceptions for friends of mine, such as Damon Pierce, who wanted to play with Claire Dames for a day. We sat back and taped it, and here is what we saw.

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We were lucky to get Roxy back on her last trip to the US. This time we shot her in our new bathroom, and she got to be the first girl ever to get fucked by Fuckzilla, the brain child of our good friend Bob the Toy Maker.

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